The Lipizzan

The Lipizzan is one of the oldest breeds of horse in the world. They are named for their original breeding farm, Lipizza, which is located in modern-day Slovenia. They are descended from traditional Spanish, Arabian, and Neapolitan horses, bred solely for the purpose of classical dressage. In the 16th century when Lipizza was founded, riding institutions were founded by the royals of many different countries to educate the king and his horses for battle. The horses were trained to be agile and sensitive to the rider yet brave enough to be a true battle partner. The exercises used to prepare the horse were beautiful, and the art form of dressage was born. Over time, royalty and nobility alike wanted to have highly trained horses both to provide entertainment to guests and to enjoy for themselves as status symbols.

For 500 years, this has been the main purpose in breeding the Lipizzan. Because of this careful breeding, the Lipizzan is noble, kind, athletic, and powerful. There are only approximately 8500 worldwide, but they can be seen competing at all levels of dressage, combined driving, and working equitation. Our breeding goals are the same as those who have come before us: to produce powerful, classical Lipizzans with a noble, kind temperament and talent for dressage. Some of our Lipizzans also excel in driving and in working equitation, and we intend to explore that talent further.

We offer our stallions at stud, and we offer custom breedings with our mares. Foals are often available in utero.

Learn more about the Lipizzan at the US Lipizzan Federation and at the International Lipizzan Federation

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