TAF Dempsey's Bog Star

Year: 2007

Height: 11.3h

Breeder: Thornapple Farms

Offspring: TR Dempsey Liam MacBadger

Price: $2000

Dempsey Bog
Quagmire Prince
The Hobby
The Curlew
Zimbro II

Star is a lovely Kerry Bog Pony mare. The Kerry Bog Pony is a small pony indigenous to Ireland and used in the past to haul peat moss. Unfortunately, the breed fell out of favor when draft horses gained popularity, so the ponies were turned loose. They almost went extinct until several were rounded up and breeding efforts were renewed. The Kerry Bog Pony is unrelated to most other ponies on the British Isles, making it a genetic treasure. We still don't entirely know where the Kerry Bog Pony originated. Learn more about the Kerry Bog Pony at the AKBPS.

Star has served as a kid's pony and broodmare, but now that the kids have grown, it is time for her to find a new job. She has been mostly started to drive and is a wonderful mother to her babies. She would make an awesome kids' pony and driving pony. She and her 2017 gelding foal, Liam, are available for sale, and would make a beautiful matched pair. Do you want to have your own Irish faerie pony? See if Star is the right pony for you!


Emily Wright




1578 Montrose Rd

Raeford, NC 28376

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