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Shoutout to our Photographers!

It's so easy to forget about the person behind the camera, the artist responsible for the beautiful pictures. Try taking these pictures yourself, and you see quickly how difficult it is! I've managed personally only a few of the wonderful images on this website; the rest are thanks to the efforts of several brilliant photographers.

One of our earliest photographers is Liz Burrows, one of our former working students. She's now a professional equestrian pursuing a career as a trainer.

Another who has come and taken some very beautiful artistic shots is Andrea Gulley, a student at NCSU, who occasionally does professional shoots when she has time between classes and competing with the NCSU team.

The one who has taken the most photos on this site is Crystal Young, founder of Impulsion Images. She is now a professional photographer and can be seen with a camera at many of the local dressage and eventing competitions. She can be found and booked through Facebook.

We're still sorting through and crediting the pictures to the right people, but in the meantime, these are the ones responsible for the amazing images on this site! Never take a photographer for granted; it takes hours to perfect the skills, a special eye for timing and focus, and additional hours of post-processing to draw out the best in a photo. Thank you so much to these three awesome ladies for their beautiful contributions!


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