6942 Conversano VI-20

Year: 2000

Height: 15.1h

Breeder: Topol'cianky, Slovakia

Mare Family: Presciana

Neapolitano Slatina
Pluto Bona II
Maestoso Calcedona III
120 Maestoso VII MOntuzza
123 Maestoso VII-7
177 Conversano IV Tropea
135 Conversano I Ravata
73 Tropea
6 Galanta
204 Conversano VI Gaetana
139 Siglavy Capriola VIII
540 Bonita
73 Roviga
26 Favory XXI
370 Pluto Roviga-91
303 Pluto IX Basilica
Siglavy Capriola VIII

"Mila" is our amazing, wonderful, fantastic lesson mare. With the temperament of an overgrown Golden Retriever, she is a quintessential lesson mare, adapting herself to each rider's level. She is gentle enough for beginners but sensitive enough for advanced riders. She drives beautifully, jumps, goes on the trails, goes sidesaddle, and is generally game for everything. She is easy to compete, so she is great for someone who is nervous about showing and wants a positive experience in the show ring. We are so grateful to have such an awesome mare as Mila.




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