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Impulsion Images

Impulsion Images

With patience and commitment, you can achieve your goals regardless of your riding skill or confidence level. We welcome riders of all levels, from beginner to FEI. We welcome sensitive and unconventional pairings, including sensitive horses, gaited horses, western dressage riders, eventers, and even endurance riders.
Our trainer's aim is always to help the horse and rider grow together. 
  • Learning how to feel good in the saddle! Classical training is therapeutic for horse and rider

  • Gain confidence and relaxation

  • A systematic and kind approach for everyone

  • Beginners learn at your own pace and work at your comfort level

  • Frustration-free lessons

  • Advanced riders learn polish and finesse to get that 'centaur' feeling we all dream about

Lesson Rates 
  • $6545 Minute Private Lesson  
  • $45 - 1 Hour Group Lesson
    • 4-6 riders 
  • Use one of our horses for an additional fee:
    • $15 - lower level
    • $25 - upper level
Lessons Can Include:
  • Dressage

  • Jumping

  • Working Equitation

  • Mounted Games

  • Side Saddle

  • Driving

  • Longeing

  • Work In-hand according to various schools

  • Long-lines/Ground-driving

  • Long-reining for advanced horses

  • Seat lessons on the longe

  • Garrocha


Meet the School Horses


“Ayden” is a Prix St. Georges Holsteiner gelding. He is a sweet, brilliant performance horse who is sensitive and light to the aids despite his 17.2h frame. He is excellent for riders looking to fine-tune their seat aids and find suppleness in their back.
“Mila” is a Lipizzan mare imported from State Studfarm Topolcianky in Slovakia. She excels in dressage, driving, eventing, sidesaddle, and working equitation and is an amazing teacher for riders of all levels, including beginners on the longe. She has very easy to sit gaits and a “happy-go-lucky” temperament that make her an easy horse to ride/drive and show.
Cha-Cha is a Lipizzan mare who is an amazing dressage horse for intermediate riders who may be new to dressage and are learning what the aids are. She is a bold, flashy mover with easy gaits and finely-tuned “buttons,” though she is very forgiving of riders who are still figuring out the aids.
Orfeo is our Lusitano stallion bred by Gaston Santos of Rancho La Jarilla in Mexico and originally trained and tested in the bullfighting arena by Gaston Santos Jr. He is competitive in the dressage arena even in his 20s and a gentle teacher to riders wanting to learn upper level finesse. He enjoys working equitation, garrocha, and mounted archery for his cross-training.

Femina Fortuna

Mina is our RPSI mare that we have bred and trained. She is the resident diva, still working her way up the levels (currently 3rd/4th level), but she is an exquisite upper level longe lesson horse. In another life, she'd be a vaulting horse, but we have too much fun riding her! She has smooth, even gaits for polishing the seat and perfecting feel and timing on the longe.


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