About Emily 

Emily has been working in classical dressage for several years, starting and bringing up several horses the levels. She started in Pony Club and found her way to classical dressage after she and her horse struggled with crookedness and joint pain. Even though she had a young start to classical dressage, because it was a rocky start, she has a deeper understanding of biomechanics and the importance of proper fitness and muscle balance for both horse and rider.
She teaches classical dressage with kindness and compassion for horse and rider while guiding with diligence toward excellence.
She focuses on proper biomechanics as a foundation to happy and healthy riding using classical principles as taught by masters from the old Spanish Riding School. As a part of proper biomechanics, she specializes in the work in-hand, both according to the Viennese tradition and the Iberian. She has worked with riders of all backgrounds and quite a variety of breeds. She also rides sidesaddle and performs with the garrocha. She is currently working on several certifications in training and fitness.

In her spare time, she practices martial arts (including HEMA and archery on the ground and horseback, which she intends to teach in the near future) and sings and plays piano, both for fun and professionally. She also works tirelessly to improve her education in nutrition, biomechanics, and history so she can bring the best understanding of dressage to her students as she can. She is now a NASM certified personal trainer and is happy to design a fitness regimen for her students. She can be seen showing at various dressage competitions and in dressage demonstrations. 


  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer

  • Working Equitation Level 2 Regional Champion 2018

  • USDF Bronze Medal on a self-made horse

  • Rider Performance Awards First and Second Level

Emily's Mentors Include:

Full Time:

  • Mary Werning

    • USDF Bronze and Silver medalist & Mikolka Certified Instructor


Regular Clinics:


  • Bonna McCuiston 

    • USDF Silver Medalist, Grand Prix competitor, and R judge


Emily Wright




1578 Montrose Rd

Raeford, NC 28376

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