Year: 2001

Height: 14.1h


Mare Family: Presciana

Offspring: Ballesta, Maestoso Bresciana, Belafiamma

Favory Ilka I
358 Ilka
164 Favory Santuzza
255 Favory Mara XIX
12 Santuzza
52 Garlana
Ballestra (bay)
Maestoso Calcedona III
Siglavy Capriola VII-4
58 Maestoso II Almerina
Maestoso Brezova II
Neapolitano XIX-5

"Bresci" is one of our best broodmares and a lovely riding horse. She is a quiet, sweet mare with massive, ground-covering gaits despite her little size. She passes on a friendly temperament to her foals with spectacular movement and correct conformation. We are thrilled to have such a lovely mare as Bresci.



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